5 Lessons I Learned From My Mom

My mom and me as a baby May 11, 2019

5 Lessons I Learned From My Mom

This weekend we celebrate Mother’s Day. Well, in reality…we should be celebrating Mother’s Day every day. Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs there is.

There is no Manual that says how a mother should handle every situation with each child. Yet, they all do the best they can to provide the love, nurturing and safety that kids need as they grow up.

In honor of my mom, I will be sharing 5 lessons I learned from her:

Love Yourself First

My mom was my biggest cheerleader. She always encouraged me to do what was best for me–regardless of what other people said. She encouraged me to do what made me happy. Because of this lesson, it’s been easier to make decisions that are right for ME regardless of other people’s opinions.

Do a Random Act of Kindness Daily

My mom would make it a point to do a Random Act of Kindness every day, whether it was smiling at a stranger or allowing someone to go into her lane. She instilled in me the notion that with small acts of kindness we can have a ripple effect where we influence others and brighten their day.

What Matters is Whether You Stand Up After Falling

My mom had depression and other mental health issues. Despite all of this, she stood up and fought Every. Single. Time. She didn’t give up. We all fall at some point in our lives. What matters is that you Stand Up and keep on going.

Speak Your Truth

My mom always spoke her truth. She stayed true to herself. She taught me that it doesn’t matter how difficult it is, it’s important to voice your thoughts, emotions and needs. Not everyone might like that. She was OK with being criticized by others because she was being genuine with herself.

Be Unapologetically YOU

My mom had a lot of virtues and weaknesses. Yet she was always true to herself. I learned how to graciously stand my ground and keep my head high due to her example. I learned to accept myself (for my own strengths and weaknesses) for who I truly am.

I’m honoring my mom today for the woman that she was. I learned so much through her strength and resilience. I’m also working on healing my inner child and the intergenerational trauma passed to me. Today is a day of healing and love.

What lessons did you learn from your mother? Comment below! And feel free to share this blog post to your family and friends!

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