Energy Healing Membership

Energy Healing Membership

Energy healing brings relaxation to the body. It has many benefits including:
  • Reduced stress, 
  • Decreased pain, 
  • Improved immune system,
  • Improved sleep,
  • Reduced headaches,
  • Helps bring balance to hormones,
  • Brings balance as well as harmony to your body, 
  • Helps clear the mind, 
  • Calms emotions, 
  • Reduces racing thoughts as well as 
  • Brings clarity to situations. It balances all aspects of your life: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  

Whenever we have a lot of unresolved emotions since childhood, that energy remains stuck in your body. As we accumulate trapped emotions, trauma, toxins, negative beliefs/thoughts, these can contribute to illnesses and dis-ease. Having a consistent energy healing practice can help you release all of this “baggage” so that your body can be back into balance and harmony, as it is meant to be.

Energy healing can be done in-person as well as at a “distance”. As part of this Membership program, I will be releasing imbalances and clearing energetic blocks as part of distance healing every month. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you’re in. Since energy knows no time and space, I can connect to your energy field, release imbalances/blocks in order to bring balance and harmony to your body. Distance healing is AS POWERFUL as an in-person energy healing session.

What you will get from this Energy Healing program?

  •  One Distance healing session per week, 60 minutes.
  •  Monthly emails with tools that can help you further integrate the session.
  • Discounts to other programs that are part of the Say Yes To Your Best Life (Akashic Record Readings, courses, etc.).

Who is this program for?

  • Anyone who is ready to take their physical, mental and emotional health to the next level.
  • People who are open to receiving healing energies.
  • People who are too busy to regularly attend Energy Healing sessions, but are still interested in it.
  • People who value Energy Healing as a complementary modality in addition to the other medical and mental health treatments that they are already receiving.
  • People who are tired of feeling “sick and tired” and are ready to take action and responsibility for their health.
  • People who know they deserve a better quality of life and are ready to start/continue the healing process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • When the Energy Healing sessions will take place? Will I know ahead of time?
    Energy healing sessions will take place on Wednesdays between 2-3 pm (Arizona time).
  • What If I forget about the day and time of the Energy Healing sessions? Will it still help me? 
    Regardless of whether you are at work or busy running errands, you will still receive the effects of the Energy Healing. As long as you are open for the Energy Healing to take place and you have given permission (by subscribing to this program), I can still connect to your energy field, release imbalances/blocks and send Reiki/Energy your way. Your body will know what to do and how to integrate all on its own. Our bodies have so much wisdom already!
  • Anything that I need to do to prepare?
    There is nothing that you HAVE to do. Your body already knows what it needs in order to heal. However, if you want to have a more powerful session, then yes. Set your intention ahead of time of what you would like to get out of that session. For example, do you want to feel more relaxed? At peace? Do you want to have more clarity over a particular situation? Decreased pain? etc. Set the intention and then RELEASE expectations/judgments of how it should go. Our bodies already carry wisdom about what it needs to get back into balance.  Even if you don’t notice a difference right away, relax and trust that at a deep level, there is healing taking place.
  • How do I know it is helping?
    Sometimes we notice the difference right away. Other times, it takes a few sessions for us to start noticing any differences. For some people, the differences are subtle. So how do you know it’s working? Start by paying attention to how you are feeling day to day. Pay attention to how you are responding to different situations. Journaling is a good way to increase self awareness and keep track of your mood and how you are responding to day to day challenges.
  • What if I need to cancel?
    You can cancel at any time. You would just get the sessions that you paid for. All you need to do is email me letting me know that you want to cancel.

What this membership offers

  •  One 60 minute distance healing session per week.
  • Monthly emails with tools/techniques that can help you further integrate the sessions.
  • Discount on other programs (Akashic Records Reading, courses, etc.).

With this package, you will be automatically charged $45 per month. You can cancel at any time. If you cancel, you will still get the sessions paid for that month, but won’t be charged for future months.

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