My Declaration for Freedom

In our modern world, we have an abundance of freedom in our lives. If there is an area of your life you don’t feel happy about, you can choose to take a different choice. Here are some of the areas of my life in which I’m declaring freedom from.

  • I declare freedom from my negative thoughts. Instead, I choose to let them flow and direct my focus on what I want to¬† create in this life.
  • I declare freedom from my critical thoughts. Instead, I choose to treat myself with the same kindness I treat others.
  • I declare freedom from shame I’ve internalized throughout my life. Instead, I choose to embrace the worthy and whole BEing I AM.
  • I declare freedom from rejecting my body. Instead, I choose to ACCEPT and LOVE my body as it is.
  • I declare freedom from fear of being judged. Instead, I choose to define who I AM and who I want to BE.
  • I declare freedom from perfectionism. Instead, I choose to take imperfect steps forward and rejoice on the progress and growth I’m making.
  • I declare freedom from judgment. Instead, I will strive to understand and accept what IS.
  • I declare freedom from my fear of being seen. Instead, I choose to STAND with LOVE and voice my TRUTH.
  • I declare freedom from my past mistakes. Instead, I choose to learn from them and focus on the Present Moment.
  • I declare freedom from seeing myself as a victim and blaming others. Instead, I choose to take RESPONSIBILITY on my part within any situation.
  • I declare freedom from Expectations. Instead, I choose to stand in APPRECIATION.
  • I love and accept myself, with all of my strengths and vulnerabilities.
  • I forgive myself for any time I did not stand in my TRUTH, which is seen through the eyes of LOVE.
  • I claim abundance in all areas of my life.

We are all connected and we are all ONE. We are all part of one species among many other species in this planet. Let’s take care of one another. Let’s rise with LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, and KINDNESS. Everything else is an illusion.

I DECLARE my life to be full of LOVE, PEACE and KINDNESS.

What is your Declaration of Independence? What do you want to be free from? Please comment below and share it with me!

With LOVE,

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