My experience with back pain

It’s easy to take our bodies for granted when we are healthy. Day in and out, we focus on our long to-do list. Until that one moment where something changes. A week ago, I stood up and felt my back tighten up. For the rest of the day (and the week), I was in pain.


Being in pain definitely changes your perspective. With each step I take, I’m more aware of how my body feels. The little things I took for granted become super hard to do like putting clothes by myself or even picking up something from the floor.

I’m familiar with back pain. I’ve had pain on and off throughout my life. There were times when my pain was so severe, I couldn’t get out of the bed. It all started when I was 12 years old. Out of nowhere, I would get these back spasms that would leave me in bed for days. Even medications weren’t helping. I had surgery for my scoliosis at age 13. For twenty something years, pain has been a part of my life.


Physical pain (like back pain) has an emotional component to it. I have practiced Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or tapping) on the emotional components relating to my back pain (i.e. diagnosis, back surgery, my frustration or feeling of helplessness). As I’ve processed these events, I notice that my flare ups occur less frequently.


Our bodies gives us warning signs when something is not right. I’ve learned that I tend to have flare ups with my back when I’m stressed out, when I feel that I’m not being supported or if I’m having money worries.


Now, when I have back pain, I use EFT to process any unhealed emotional component. I’ve learned to accept that the pain is there. I notice the feeling and then bless it. If I pay attention, my pain often comes with a message. Usually, my body tells me to, “Slow down.” When you accept and move forward, you’ll heal it a lot faster rather than fighting against it.


What pain do you have in your life?

What message is your body giving you?

If that body part could talk to you, what would it say?

Are you worrying about money? 

Do you feel someone in your life isn’t supporting you in the way you would like?


Learn EFT and release any unhealed emotional component. You can also schedule a Reiki session with a practitioner in order to balance your body and create harmony.


If you want more information, email me. We can have a 30 minute free session to talk about your particular situation. 

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