“Working with Tania has provided me the tools to proactively shift my focus from stressful feelings and unproductive thoughts to a more positive and intentional place. The activities and exercises I learned take only minutes out of my day, and leave me feeling calm and re-energized. I appreciate being able to make a quick perspective change when I catch myself in a negative mindset, and I see it making a difference in my ability to achieve goals.”

From Lesley I.

“Working with Tania was such an absolute pleasure. Not only is she so sweet and friendly, but is non-judgmental. Tania was able to really penetrate into my mind and knew exactly what to say so that I could alleviate the stresses that causes my own behavior patterns. Working with her has given me some startling epiphanies and has already reduced my nicotine cravings. She even provided me with resources and guidance to carry on with so that I don’t feel  so alone in order to beat the nasty habit once and for all. Tania is your go to person for tapping!

Eva W.

“Tania is a gifted Life Coach who helped me release some guilt, shame, and trauma utilizing EFT (i.e. tapping). Tania is engaged, supportive, and most importantly extremely compassionate. For me, working with Tania has been one of life’s little blessings.”

Renee N.


Coaching (En Espanol)"

“Quiero agradecer a mi Life Coach Tania Lopez-Cepero por toda su ayuda durante nuestras sesiones. Al comenzar con este programa de Life Coaching tenía un cierto nivel de ansiedad en varias aéreas de mi vida, mi ánimo y confianza sobre mi misma estaban algo bajas por situaciones que han pasado durante los últimos anos de mi vida que afectaron mi salud física y mental. De alguna manera sentí apoyo psicológico de una manera positiva y presente; con algunos ejercicios que trajeron memorias y actitudes del pasado que me hacían feliz y que en su momento me dieron resultados positivos, balancearon mi vida personal actual.”

Maria Elena B.

Reiki Energy Healing

“Thank you for making my 1st Reiki experience beautiful! My body welcomed the healing energy! I will return!”

Amy M.

Emotion Code Energy Healing

As a person that has a very busy schedule as a teacher and journalist and suffers from bipolar disorder and anxiety, Tania has been a blessing. Her coaching, guidance and her emotional help has honestly worked and has cleared my head in some of the toughest moments. After my dealings with her and her work, I’ve felt more clear and awake and ready to tackle stressful moments and situations with ease. My spirit and mind feels at peace with her spiritual and emotional coaching. Thank you and I look forward to many more!”

Aurora D.